Top Reasons to Drink Boba Milk (bubble tea) Tea

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Top Reasons to Drink Boba Milk (bubble tea) Tea

Originally from Taiwan, boba tea is a tea and milk-based drink that has made quite the splash in Arizona. With an endless variety of flavor combinations, its popularity has skyrocketed in the past few years, leading to many new Tucson boba milk tea stores. But for newcomers to the fad, the question remains: why drink boba tea? Wonder no more as we uncover the secrets of this delicious drink.

Why Drink It?

Boba teas are often not thought of as healthy drinks in Tucson. However, there are several health benefits to drinking boba.
  • Fuel Boost - The base of boba tea is typically made with green or black tea. Both types of tea contain strong levels of caffeine that will provide a much needed energy boost. This makes boba tea great for starting in the morning or breaking free of an afternoon slump.

  • Fiber Kick - A great healthy choice when selecting add-ins for boba tea is to choose fruits. Adding a serving of fruit such as strawberries, mango, or banana to the drink will add a dose of vitamins and protein.

  • Heart Health - The green/black tea used in boba contributes to heart health as well. These teas carry many antioxidants that will remove harmful oxidants from the body and lower the chances for cardiovascular disease, improving overall heart health and making boba tea a great choice for healthy drinks in Tucson.

  • Best Ways to Enjoy Boba

    While there is no wrong way to enjoy a creamy boba tea, there are a few great combinations that pair well with it for the ultimate healthy meal.
  • Bahn Mi- A mouth-watering Vietnamese sandwich known as Bahn mi makes a perfect lunch pairing for boba tea. Bahn me is made on a short baguette and is layered with sweet pork and greens for the ideal combination: a sweet drink and a savory sandwich. Bahn mi plus boba tea is a filling choice without the fear of overstuffing.

  • Edamame - For those looking for a light snack, create a yummy contrast when pairing the soft tapioca pearls in boba tea with the crisp snap of edamame. The added greens will boost the fiber and vitamin levels of the meal.

  • Dumplings - Another light and healthy meal option is pairing boba tea with dumplings. A few dumplings can anchor the meal with more protein to stay full longer, while maintaining the sweet lightness of a classic boba tea.

  • Whether you are a newcomer or a tea connoisseur, there are plenty of places in Arizona to find the perfect flavor and combination. With plenty of shops in every area of the city, Tucson boba milk tea stores are easy to travel to and here to stay. All that is left is to find your favorite combination.

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